We have received many emails and phone calls from both new and past customers wondering if Steve will go back to selling raw milk. At this point in time, he is not able to open it up to the general public for many reasons. If anything changes, I will immediately post it to the blog. Thank you for understanding!

We also want to add that Steve and his brother Paul have been awarded Horizon Organic's Quality Assurance Award again for 2014.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

2012 Monthly Milk Schedule

Please see calendar to the right for this month's milk sale schedule. The dates that are highlighted in RED are the days that Steve is selling milk. Please remember that weekdays are 2-5pm and Saturdays are 2-4pm.  As the number of customers increase, so does the waiting time for many folks. If you plan on getting a large quantity of milk (over 8 gallons), please let Steve know ahead of time to see if he can accommodate you on a different day. Also, please try to be as prompt as possible since after selling milk, Steve starts right in with the evening milking and chores. AS STATED ABOVE,  STEVE WILL STOP SELLING RAW MILK AS OF SEPT.2ND WITH SEPT. 1ST BEING THE LAST SALE DAY. HE WILL MOST LIKELY NOT BE ABLE TO START UP AGAIN UNTIL SPRING 2013. MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ASKING ABOUT OTHER RAW MILK VENDORS AND ALL WE CAN SAY IS TO CHECK REALMILK.COM TO SEE IF THERE ARE ANY IN THE AREA.  Here is a link to a piece that Karen Miltner, milk customer and food writer for the D and C wrote: http://blogs.democratandchronicle.com/her-staff/?p=4641  As always,thank you for your patience and your patronage! 


  1. I am excited to see so many people are learning about all the benefits of raw milk and coming to Galens Homestead Acres to get this amazing milk. Is there any way we could post some suggestions to make it easier on Steve and the waiting customers? Things like please bring containers with a wide mouth opening, as it is challenging and time consuming to fill these small opening containers. I would think if all customers used wide opened containers then Steve could dispense the milk easier and quicker and would alleviate him having to stay longer than the alloted hours on some busy days. Let's have some consideration for this amazing farmer who gives so much to us!!!

  2. I would love to hear what other customers are doing with their Galen's milk! (Besides the obvious...drinking it!). Yogurt? Cheesemaking? Favorite recipes?

  3. I have only been three times so far, but I've made cream soups, butter, kefir, chocolate pudding (YUMMMMMMMM!), and am going to try making some milk soap this week. (I have been unable to tolerate dairy much of my life so this is a whole new world for me!)

  4. I would like to purchase Butter or even better...Clarified Butter (Ghee)
    I live in Toronto Canada and require about 500 lbs of Clarified butter every month.
    Tel.: 416-281-9000

  5. Tried calling ur Tel. No 315-462-5178
    ....I get a weird message on there.."This is Channel 47 4"....whatever that means.

  6. What type of container is best and where can I purchase one?

    Thank you!

  7. I talked to Tom yesterday, Steve and he said NO to any and all ways. Guess I will have to look else where : ( Regina